About Game

Five Nights at Candy's is a popular survival horror game that takes inspiration from the wildly successful Five Nights at Freddy's series. Developed by Emil "Ace" Macko, the game delivers a nerve-wracking experience as players try to survive in a haunted location filled with animatronic characters.

Set in the year 1987, Five Nights at Candy's takes place at 'Candy's Burgers & Fries,' a run-down family restaurant that was once a happy place for kids to enjoy delicious meals and play with friendly animatronics. However, everything changes when these animatronics start behaving strangely and become aggressive during the night shift.

In the game, players assume the role of a night security guard who must endure five terrifying nights surviving against the relentless animatronics. The main antagonist is Candy the Cat, a large, feline animatronic with sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. Joining him are his friends Cindy the Cat, an innocent-looking female animatronic, and the menacing Penguin.

The gameplay mechanics of Five Nights at Candy's follow the classic point-and-click style. Players navigate through different camera feeds to keep an eye on the animatronics' movements. The goal is to prevent them from reaching the security office by closing doors or toggling lights, all while managing limited power resources. It's a game of anticipation, strategy, and quick decision-making.


In addition to the main game, Five Nights at Candy's has spawned sequels and spin-offs, each offering a new and equally chilling experience. These include Five Nights at Candy's 2, where new animatronics with their own unique behaviors are introduced, and Five Nights at Candy's 3, which deepens the storyline further.

The game's popularity has also sparked a dedicated fanbase, with countless fan theories, artwork, and fan-made games emerging from its frightful world. Five Nights at Candy's has proven to be an immersive, bone-chilling experience for both fans of the genre and newcomers to the horror gaming scene.

How to Play & Contols

What sets Five Nights at Candy's apart from other horror games is the atmospheric storytelling. Throughout the game, players uncover an unsettling backstory surrounding the animatronics and the restaurant itself. There are hidden lore bits and eerie mini-games that shed light on the dark history of Candy's Burgers & Fries, weaving a complex narrative that leaves players craving for more.