About Game

In the game Clown Nights the action takes place in a circus and you have to go through 7 long nights in this not a very pleasant place. To survive, you need to use your attention and you monitor the cameras. The player cannot get out of the room, so you need to click on the camera, follow the light, open and close the door.


There are nine of them and they are located around the circus. Sometimes you can see creepy clowns on the cameras or hear strange voices and footsteps. There are the tricks of the clowns. Your task is to prevent them from entering your room.


You can click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to use the camera and see where the clowns are. You can also click on the screen to scroll through the guard room. You can't leave the room since it's the only safe place in this place. You can click on the light button to switch on the lights and the door button to lock the door. Be careful, though.


You need to save energy until 6 am and it's only 12 am right now. You need to use these buttons and the camera carefully and don't waste your energy. Open the lights to see the danger. If you see a clown, close the door until it vanishes or you'll float, too. Good luck surviving until 6 am!

Try to survive in this crazy and scary game Clown Nights. haha

How to Play & Contols

By mouse.